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Healthy Routes are itineraries aimed at promoting the acquisition of healthy habits through the enabling of spaces and dissemination, through information panels and other tools that promote active life.

In Cardona we have 4, the green of 3.93 km., the blue of 5’09 km., the yellow of 7.78 km. and the 13’19 km red. That will take us to visit Cardona and its surroundings where you can enjoy visiting emblematic areas of Cardona such, as the Portal de Grells (the only portal that remains intact of the walled Cardona), the butcher tower, the historic center of Cardona. .. or its surroundings such as the Bòfia de la sal Roja, the viewpoint of the salt slagheap, shepherd's huts, its flora and fauna and a long etc.

Our guides will be happy to accompany you on this adventure of discovering a village full of history and a unique natural environment.

If you want we are waiting for you.



Minimum 2 participants (1 participant consult).



La Verda: 3’93 km. With a duration of 1 hour.

La Blava: 5’09 km. With a duration of 1 hour 20 minutes.

La Groga: 7’78 km. With a duration of 2 hours.

La Vermella: 13’19 km. With a duration of 3 hours 30 minutes.



Red Route, from Monday to Sunday. Departure 9:00 am in front of the tourist office.

Green, Blue and Yellow routes, from Monday to Saturday. Departure 18:30 in front of the tourist office.


It is recommended to wear sports clothes and shoes suitable for the activity. Water and sunscreen.